Open Access is being attacked. Here are four ideias to make it stronger.
By Paula Simões

Open access in scientific publications is much more fragile than other free, open, and copyleft movements. We need to make open access closer to these movements in order to protect it better.

Monday 2:50 p.m.–3:20 p.m.

Free and Open Source Software; Creative Commons; Public Domain, including exceptions to copyright; Open Access in scientific publications have been attacked throughout the years by disinformation, technologies like DRM, limitations by the law. But contrary to other free culture movements, open access is much more fragile. This presentation will propose and explain the need of the following four ideas to make open access stronger: 1. Agree on one definition of open access that includes copyleft and gets rid of the gratis condition; 2. Get or choose a legal text (license) behind the definition; 3. Create the open access foundation, association, organisation; 4. Stop accepting that everything can be open access.

Paula Simões

Paula Simões was, for several years, president of the Portuguese Association for Free Education, that promoted free and open source software, open access, and public domain in Education. She is an active member of the National Association for Free Software (ANSOL), having followed and contributed to the discussion about the recent copyright directive. She is also a digital humanities researcher at the Centre of 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Coimbra, where she is doing her PhD thesis.


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