Trademark as an alternative to copyleft for fairer value sharing : a maintainers' contract
By Camille Moulin

An experiment of a standardized contract based on trademark laws so that maintainers can get a fairer share of the value generated by their project, while still distributing it under a licence compatible with the FSD/OSD.

Monday 11:50 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

During the last years, in order to reach a fairer sharing of the value they generate, a wilde spetrum of projects, with different types of governances, have experimented with extensions of strong copyleft licences, to the extent of becoming incompatible with the FSD/OSD (Like Mongo's SSPL or coopcyle Coopyleft licence). The idea of our project is to explore the possibilities around trademark laws that would allow the maintainers of FLOSS project to keep a true FOSS licence, while having a way to get revenue streams that would offer them a better sustainability.

Camille Moulin

Camille has been actively promoting Open Source, Open Standards and interoperability for more than ten years, notably as a member of the AFUL, where he's been a member of the board since 2007. Leveraging his significant experience in helping corporations defining Open Source strategies and conformance policies, he's co-leading the Open Source governance activity at inno³. He's also particularly interested in the tooling enabling a better Open Source management.


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