General Sessions — Feb. 3, 2020

  Salle Des Arches Foyer Salon


with coffee and tea


Welcome and announcements

09:40AM Keynote by Tony Sebro Tony Sebro

Coffee break

10:30AM Copyleft adoption curves: what drove adoption then (or now?) Luis Villa Copyleft of Things Peter Hoddie
11:10AM Copyleft Expansion: What should -- and shouldn't -- be on the table? Deb Nicholson, Bradley M. Kuhn, Harald Welte, Heather J. Meeker, John Sullivan Copyleft and the Cloud - where do we go from here ? Jeremy Allison Software Freedom in a Post Open Source World Stephen R Walli
11:50AM Trademark as an alternative to copyleft for fairer value sharing : a maintainers' contract Camille Moulin What does "copyleft" mean in the AWS Lumberyard terms of service? Marc Jones


01:40PM The Rising Ethical Storm in Open Source Coraline Ada Ehmke Copyleft should not extend to APIs Richard Fontana Copyleft in a Business Context Josh Simmons, Björn Schiessle, Leslie Hawthorn, Markus Glaser

Coffee break

02:50PM Software Ethics and Copyleft Licensing Karen Sandler Open Access is being attacked. Here are four ideias to make it stronger. Paula Simões Containers and Copyleft: A Community Problem? Carol Smith, Richard Fontana
03:20PM Collaborative Authorship Models in Open Source Dashiell Renaud

Closing remarks


Casual reception at Café Maison du Peuple, 39 Parvis de Saint-Gilles


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